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Top 5 Best Free Online Beat Makers

Everyone with internet access can do beat making or music production with so many free online beat makers tools available for making music beats.

Do you know, that there are approximately 60,000 music producers working in the United States? As per Statista reports there were about 38.6 thousand people working as musicians in the United Kingdom but the still majority of music producers in the U.K. Also, there are too many “bedroom producers” these days.

But don’t be concerned about the numbers; instead, do your best and share your music with the world. Because someone is waiting and wants to hear from you!!!

What is an online beat maker?

An free online beat maker is a software or website that allows you to create beats. Beats are musical compositions that are made with rhythm or melody. Free online beat makers allow you to create beats very quickly and easily, often they are providing tools for edit and mixing your beats. Free online beat makers are best for music producers and DJs, who use to create remixes and own original tracks.

So in this blog, I will be sharing the five best free online best maker websites with you!


Price: Free


Have you ever wondered what would happen if your words turned into music? All you need to do to start making your own music is enter the lyrics, so if you want to know, visit the Typatone platform. As you type words, the platform will automatically start playing the words, and you’re done, and you can listen to your new song.

The enjoyable thing is you can also choose a variety of instruments to make music with Typeatone online music beat making tool. Tybeatone can provide you to share all your compositions with your friends on social media.

We’ve embedded Typeatone free online beat making tool in this blog post for you.

More info: Typeatone


Price: Free

Audiotool online digital audio workstation (DAW)

Do you want a digital audio workstation (DAW) on your browser? So audiotool online beat making tool is one of the best option for you. You can run this tool into your browser, without the need for installation on your computer or laptop. Audiotool gives you almost all the tools you need to produce music professionally or as a hobby and unleashes your creative potential.

Auidotool offers you synthesizers like Roland TB-303 or Roland TR-909 which is good for Electronic music producers.

Not registered users also explore Audiotool’s huge music library. If you want to access the platform’s music studio, you first have to create an account and make sure that you are signed in into audiotool online beat making website.

So let’s start making music with audiotool now!

More info: Audiotool

Online Sequencer

Price: Free


Do you want to create a song sequence, chords, melody, or any idea in just a few minutes using your browser? Then this is a perfect tool for developing your idea with an online sequencer tool. The online sequencer tool offers you to browse a huge collection of full customized presets of instruments like Piano, Drums, and Guitar that are updated on a daily basis.

In this online beat making tool, you can import your own MIDI files sequence that you’ve already created, edit them and export your sequence as MIDI files and use them in your DAW. Online Sequencer is a very useful tool for every producer to make music, it offers many pro features as well.

More info: Online Sequencer


Price: Free


Are you looking for new ideas for progression for your songs? Then the autochords tool is best to suggest chord progressions based on the parameters you set. After that, you just have to select an instrument and the name of the song to set the feel, and the autochords will show you the progression with alternatives. Autochords help piano and guitar players understand chord progressions better.

Autochords have launched their app for iPhone and iPad users so you can download the Autochords official app from the App Store for free.

More info: Autochords


Price: Free


Looplabs is a collaborative cloud-based music studio tool. If you don’t know any technical skills or abilities don’t worry about that. With looplabs free online beat maker tool, you can easily make, share and discover music anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. In this online music, maker tool users remix songs or make music from scratch.

Looplabs is also a community where you can meet people who like your music and discover artists whose work you admire. The Looplab’s studio has broad range of samples of all genres and musical instruments. You can use this free online beat maker tool to create effective Electro or Funk music.

More info: Looplabs


You don’t have to be a professional musician to make music or compose songs, you just have to love music and feel the music. Free online beat maker tools will help you create the music of your choice according to your taste.

Do you use free online beat maker tools for your own entertainment or to show off your creativity? Tell us in the comment box below and share your opinion with us!

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