The 5 Best Ear Training Apps

Best Ear Training Apps: Your ears are your most important tools for making songs. But without ear training or education, you won’t be able to expand your ears to their full potential.

Music producers, sound engineers, and DJs can all make the most out of year schooling. ear schooling is beneficial for studying music production, composing, or writing good songs.

To take ear schooling, you must try to use the right abilities with the right equipment.

In this article, we will know what ear training is, how to achieve it and the 5 best ear training apps to help you do your ear schooling in the best way possible.

What is ear training?

Ear training or aural skills is a music theory study in which musicians learn to identify pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, solfege, and other basic elements of music, solely by hearing. The application of this skill is analogous to taking dictation in written/spoken language. As a process, ear training is in essence the inverse of sight-reading, the latter being analogous to reading a written text aloud without prior opportunity to review the material.

Ear training is typically a component of formal musical training and is a fundamental, essential skill required in music schools.

Why is ear training important?

As you know listening is a skill so ear training is important because – like playing the piano. For example, melodies are simply a series of intervals. With interval ear training, you can learn how to play a chord by ear.

Recognizing the progress of a raga by ear is also a great power. Getting into the habit of listening to normal progress with an ear training device will change the way you think about writing songs.

For sound engineers, ear training can help you identify EQ categories faster. Want more “points” in your kick? Or more “air” your tone? Ear training helps you find the frequencies that sound exactly what you want.

The 5 best ear training apps for musicians, engineers, and beginners

1. Tenuto


Tenuto features 24 highly customizable music exercises and six music calculators. Tenuto Ear training app supports all screen sizes and orientations, as well as iPad Multitasking by

More info: Tenuto


For a musician, ear training is one of the most important tasks. is the online and free ear training on the net. Good Ear helps you to develop good ears. It works within your browser.

More info:

3. EarMaster


Start using EarMaster ear training apps to become a better musician. EarMaster has been around for a while and it’s a total classic for a reason. It integrates well into traditional musicianship teaching, making it perfect for music students.

More info: EarMaster

4. Quiztones


Quiztones have a simple interface with a sleek and userfriendly design. Train your ears and improve your mixes with Quiztones frequency ear training apps for audio engineers, producers, and musicians.

More info: Quiztones

5. Soundgym


The Soundgym have a ton of audio ear training and learning center for producers & engineers. Ear training app online, improve core listening skills like frequency detection or compression and start sounding like a pro. Anytime, anywhere.

More info: Soundgym

Aural skills

There are huge and great benefits to taking up ear training that you will be able to notice right away.

Ear training apps give you the confidence to trust your ears on everything. What you need to know is how to reduce noise, and how you can shape your voice.

Have you ever used ear training apps? If you did then tell us in the comment box and share your opinion with us!

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